We are helping Africa farmers become self-sustaining through fruit farming. 

Smallholder Farmers are the backbone of the African countries economy. Yet, most farmers struggle to access the high-quality inputs or the advice they need to thrive. 

OxfarmAg is radically changing that by blending franchising efficiency with a commitment to generating value for smallholder fruit farmers, their families and communities.


OxfarmAg Ltd is a registered company in Kenya with main offices in Nairobi Ridgeways, It was founded year 2016 and officially registered in 2017.  We have have set up branches – demo farms in various regions in Kenya (Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyeri and Nairobi) with an aim of being close to farmers. 

The demo farms is where farmers who want to venture into fruit farming visit and get educated by our Agronomists and also they buy seedlings at discounted prices.

We believe first in giving farmers information through our online sites and also in our demo farms. OxfarmAg Ltd has a youthful family where we aim to inspire farmers and ensure they get value for their money.

It’s through advice from others who have the experience that you can get maximum output in your agribusiness venture.

Our Promise

We exist for you fruit farmers to solve issues that are meant to maximise output out of your orchard ensuring you produce market fit produce. We aim to create a partnership where you access quality ready to plant seedlings, offer training and ensure you access the market for your produce.

Our Goal

Being a successful fruit farmer makes you better in many ways; reliable income from your orchard, eating of healthy fresh fruits, contributing to environment betterment, and the beauty of fruit trees in our gardens is very fulfilling. Being a farmer with this goal means you need a reliable caring partner who understands this journey and is willing to contribute in achieving your goal.  Our aim is ensuring you are able to easily access our elimisha program, inputs and market connections for your product.

Our purpose 

To empower fruit farmers to harvest more quality, market fit produce, bring efficiency to their ventures and connect them with the market.

Our vision

To be a partner of choice for African fruit farmers where we lead them to sustainability.

Our Mission

To improve fruit farming ventures and strengthen markets, in the most environmentally and economically sustainable manner possible.

Our Values

  • We are passionate in our work – We have the energy to assist our farmers achieve their goal. Our soul goal is to see farmers succeed. 


  • We observe integrity We always act fairly towards colleagues, customers and partners. Be straight and honest.


  • We play as a team – Together we grow, trust and collaborate with each other. 


  • We bring creativity and innovation – We strive to understand and come up with suited solutions for our customers.


  • We serve professionally. – We strive for excellence in our work.


  • Empathy – We put ourself in your shoe to understand your issues and solve them in best way possible. 


  • We aim for a better environment. – We aim to make our ecosystem better everyday by greening with fruit trees which offer more life to our farms and universe. 


  • We are accountable  – We are ethical and responsible in all our dealings with our stakeholders. 

Dickson Kahuro - Founding director

Our Team

We have a very youthful team with a big vision for  farmers in Africa.  

Dickson Kahuro

Founding director & C.E.O

Irene Muthoni

Head of Accounts

Emma Njoki

Director & Head of Talent

Asman Onyanchi

Head of Sales

Nebat Kiragu

Managing Director

Cliff Daryll

Head of IT

Danson Ndegwa

Head of Marketing

OxfarmAg seedlings

The purpose of OxfarmAg Seedlings is to ensure quality certified fruit seedlings are accessible to farmers at affordable prices.

OxfarmAg Elimisha Program

The purpose of OxfarmAg elimisha program is to create awareness on fruit farming through various training opportunities using accessible channels. We also assist farmers to create efficiency by saving on time and costs it takes when establishing their fruit orchards.

OxfarmAg Konnect

Under OxfarmAg Konnect we provide linkages with a reliable market for your produce, get selected inputs for your farm from various approved suppliers to maximise your farm output and produce market fit fruits. We also partner and visit successful farms with farmers for training and fun.

QUOTE “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.” — Andy Warhol.

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