Starting a Fruit Farming Business in Kenya and What It requires

hass avocado fruit farming in Kenya

Starting a Fruit Farming Business in Kenya and What It requires

African countries and particularly Kenya are blessed with a fertile soil which makes it grow diverse ranges of food crops including fruits and vegetables. Starting a fruit farming business is growing day by day in the country as farmers and other entrepreneurs have profited in this business venture.

Fruits are stable commodity which can be found in the local markets just like other food crops and in numerous quality and types which generally has a great health and medicinal benefits, and as well highly sought after, this has made it be one of the lucrative businesses anyone can engage in or use to complement their earnings.

What are the Key Steps of succeeding in Fruit Farming Business?

In fruit business, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional farmer or still a novice, once you follow the guidelines below you will be able to succeed in any fruit farming business you chose.

  • As mentioned earlier, there are many fruits varieties and types in Kenya, there is no way you can farm it all, therefore it is better you know what kind of fruit that you want to venture in, for example, hass avocado, Macadamia, Tree tomato, mangoes, oranges, water melon etc., but not after considering what kind of fruits the local market will need, what kind of fruit can effectively grow in your region considering weather and climate conditions, which one will yield more profits etc., After you have gotten answers to your questions during the course of your market research, then plan on the next thing.
  • For any fruit business that you want to start, make sure that you have an adequate knowledge on how to plant it and its best planting season, how to get the seedlings (always ensure you buy from certified nurseries), care and maintenance processes required, when to add fertilizer, how to know it’s time for harvest est. You can get the proper training by working on such specific fruit farm in order to get the basic knowledge that will help you succeed.

Earn more than 10 million per acre with 40k investment.

  • Start Small: Every farming business needs a land, in this kind of business you can buy or lease a land in Kenya depending on your financial status, but as a beginner, it is better to start small so refrain from acquiring a large piece of land for now until you have successfully passed your experimental stage.
    Starting small will help in the effective management of the fruit crops, and will make you to easily face some challenges which might occur at the course of the farming process and as well learn from your mistakes thereby giving you a better experience that will help you handle large fruit farming operation.
  • When choosing a land for this kind of business, don’t lease a land or buy just for the sake of farming; ensure that you have check the soil type and composition which is one of the main determinants for effective yield and growth. The soil should be composed of humus and other essential minerals which can be determined by conducting or carrying out a soil test, but you can also add more vital nutrients to the soil when preparing the land for cultivation by adding organic manure or fertilizer. Check the pH value as well to make sure that it normal, neither too acidic nor alkaline.
  • Get Certified Seedlings from Oxfarm: Get the best seedlings from other local nursery operators or institutions in Kenya that oversees the affairs of farming and agricultural practice. Getting the right and healthy seedlings will determine what you will gain in return when they fully develop and mature into fruits.
  • Fruit trees are attacked by diseases and pests, therefore you should not wait till it starts before sourcing for one, get the right pest control, fungicides etc., for effective and timely management of your crops when such need arises.
  • Fruits are highly perishable, so while waiting for it to grow, use that opportunity to start sourcing for new and additional customers so that once it is time for harvest you can confidently sell to already available potential customers to avoid it spoiling and making you lose your profits. Plant hass avocado through our Package and we will take care of market.

In Kenya and other parts of the world, fruit business is lucrative as it forms parts of our daily meal. Make sure you know the essential things which will make you succeed and excel more than others just it has been provided for you in this document.

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