Anna Apple Planting and Button Drip Installation Package

Do you picture yourself in the heart of a thriving apple orchard? This dream is within your reach! We are thrilled to present an exclusive partnership between OxfarmAg and Mazero Agrifood, bringing you the all-inclusive Anna Apple Planting and Button Drip Installation Package at only Kes 369,000.


  • 450 Certified Anna apple seedlings
  • Button drip irrigation system 
  • Expert planting services
  • Installation services
  • Market connection.
  • One free beehive
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Labor

Efficient Irrigation

Mazero Agrifood's cutting-edge button drip irrigation system ensures that every tree receives the optimal amount of water directly at the root zone. This leads to healthier trees, consistent growth, and abundant harvests.

Expert Planting

Our seasoned professionals will ensure that each seedling is planted with care and precision, setting the foundation for strong growth and robust yields.

Savings and Sustainability

With our advanced irrigation system, you'll not only save water but also reduce labor costs and ensure sustainable agricultural practices.

Customized Solution

Our experts tailor the drip irrigation installation to your farm's layout and crop needs, maximizing water efficiency and minimizing waste.

Premium Seedlings

We provide you with 450 carefully selected and healthy Anna apple seedlings, giving you a head start on building a productive orchard.

N/B: We provide the Venturi System for fertigation at an additional cost of Kes 5000.

Venturi is used for fertilizer & chemical injection through drip irrigation systems. Venturi fertilizer injectors are the most efficient and economical way to feed liquid nutrients to the roots of the plants through drip irrigation systems. Fertigation is being done simultaneously along with irrigation.

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More Information

We recommend a pre-visit to the farm before the actual day of planting and installation of drip irrigation. This ensures we assess the farm, take a soil sample for testing and also take farm measurements to know the actual materials required in the drip installation process.

The client should provide

  • Land that is cleared of bushes or weeds
  • An elevated tank
  • Transportation of the materials

This is your moment to set forth on an apple journey like no other. The Apple Planting and Button Drip Installation Package is about more than just trees, it’s about cultivating your aspirations.

Ready to embark on this journey?

Reach out to us 0706222888/ 0729777711 to learn more or secure your package today.

Let’s cultivate success together, one apple at a time.

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