Elimisha program


oxfarmAg Elimisha Program

We improve efficiency, productivity by 30% and ensure your produce are market fit.

The aim of Elimisha program is to ensure you get it right from planting to havesting of your fruits.

If your goal for this year is to establish an orchard, we would like you to engage us in your goal, or

If you had no such goal for this year we can enlighten you on some of the benefits of establishing an orchard, and

If you have an already existing orchard we can share experiences plus we can help you achieve more productivity.


Save time, money, and hassles

Get timely reporting

Be andvised step by step

How does this work?

Engage us

You can opt to vist our branches in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret or Nyeri.

Or call/WhatsApp Us

Book for a farm Visit

Get connected with our knowledgeable agronomist for farm visit.

Get advised

Get training, reports and recommendation about your fruit farm

We are here to help you with all your orchard needs

The Elimisha Program has these stages.

--> Training's
--> Planting Packages
--> Agronomist services

Training's (Free)

Planting Packages

Agronomist services

The value we provide with our OxfarmAg Elimisha Program is to ensure an improvement on efficiency, increase in productivity and you get a better market fit produce.

Enroll in our Elimisha program and get a boost in your orchard productivity by 30%. Get a free gift for your first booking. Ending soon

info@oxfarm.co.ke / +254706222888 /+254740000044

Ridgeways Nairobi/ Nakuru Njoro / Eldoret Kapsoya / Nyeri Tetu

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OxfarmAg Limited is a African based agribusiness company that specializes in propagation and digital aggregation of fruit tree seedlings, providing planting as a service, offer agronomy services to fruit farmers, provide them with organic inputs from multiple manufacturers, and create post harvest solution on market linkage to the fruit vendors in local and export market.

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