The dairy sector is one of the most profitable sectors in Kenya. Dairy farming is the single largest sub sector of agriculture in Kenya. It contributes 14% of Agricultural (GDP) with an annual growth rate of 4.1% compared to 1.2% of Agriculture. Kenya’s dairy sector account for 6-8% of the country’s GDP. The dairy cattle in Kenya comes with wide array of breeds, some is exotic and some are locally bred, this is due to the fact that smallholder Dairy farmers make up to 80% of total dairy producers and produce 56% of total milk in Kenya.

These producers also share a sizeable proportion of 35% to overall 50% of the population depending on the district or county. Kenya’s population is growing at a fast rate, which implies that the demand for milk and milk products will continue to grow sharply in the coming years.

Need to know the secrets to successful Dairy Farming??

In our quest for promoting dairy farming in Kenya, we have organized a dairy farm tour at MEVED DAIRY FARM which is located in Mwea Sub County, Kirinyanga County on the Nairobi Sagana Highway and 4 kilometers from the Makutano, Embu junction. The Dairy farm started in 2008 due to the scarcity of milk in the area. Before then, the land was used for growing indigenous vegetables for Nairobi market e.g. Managu, Terere, kunde, murenda, saget etc. The farm is currently a family business managed by members of the family where Annie and her husband Mr. Mwangi are the Directors.

The farm started with only one (1) cow (zebu) that they did cross breed with another cow. Later bought 6 more cows and currently the farm has 154 cows with the highest giving 42 litres per day and the lowest giving 17 litres a day. As a result of the increased milk production, the farm has diversified to other sectors in agriculture and value addition. Join us on 9th April, 2022 in our Dairy farm tour and training session as we get to learn from best of the best.

We would wish to acknowledge the efforts made by Meved for creating a platform where farmers can learn and bringing a positive impact to the society.

To ensure the session is worth your time, topics listed will be discussed so that at the end of the day you get to replicate the same on your farm hence increasing your productivity;

  • Feeding Program
  • Calf management
  • Dairy meal formulation
  • Milking
  • Disease control
  • Record keeping
  • Waste management
  • Value addition
  • Silage making
  • Dairy agribusiness explained


  • Own Drive Ksh 3000
  • From Nairobi Ksh 3500

Charges includes;

  • Training
  • Writing material
  • Meals
  • 500ML Meved Yoghurt

To book call/ Text Duncan Mwangi: 0710588060

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