As a company we have been involved in propagation and selling of quality fruit tree seedlings for several years.

Note: This week we will be making free deliveries to your nearest town.


Fruit tree seedling has been our specialization because we understood early how important they are to our society and for commercial purposes if they are taken care of with necessary information.

We have agronomist who visit various farms, upon request from farmers to give in detail advice concerning fruit production and entire agricultural enterprises. We have also ensured our demo farm are close to you for easy access of the information.

This week we have decided to save you on the cost of transport of the seedlings, we will deliver the seedling to where you need them.

We have various types of seedling in our nurseries, ensure you book yours before the week end.

Initiate a conversation with our regional team and get to know when you will receive your order and the day we will be around your town these are our contact info.

Contact and WhatsApp your details to our various regional rep for any inquiry

Western region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888 WhatsApp link —-> HERE
Email –

Nairobi region

Engage Cliff 0769623300 WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email – .

Visit us at Ridge ways Along Kigwa road Nairobi

Nakuru region

Engange Asman – 0740000044 WhatsApp link —-> HERE
Email –

Visit us Near White house Nakuru

Eldoret region

Engage Dancan – 0710588060 WhatsApp Link —-> HERE
Email – .

Visit us near rupa mall on the highway opp total petrol station Eldoret.

Mt Kenya region

Engage Stephen 0742194880 WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email – .

Visit us Nyeri Tetu Githakwa

Eastern and Coast region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888 WhatsApp link —-> HERE
Email –

Here is a list of our fruit tree seedlings and their price in Ksh.

    Hass avocados @150
    Grafted tree tomato @100
    Fuerte avocado @150
    Passion plants grafted @70
    Yellow passion @50
    Mangoes @150
    Oranges @150
    Tangerines @150
    Guavas @100
    Pawpaw @60
    Apples @350
    Macadamia @350
    Lemons @100
    Lime @150
    Pomegranates @300
    Pears @300
    Plums @350
    Kiwi @400
    Grapes table/wine @300
    Upland Arrow roots suckers @100
    Pixie orange seedlings @250
    Coffee (Ruiru11) @60
    Custard apple @100
    Pepino Melon @100
    Tissue culture banana @180
    Plantain banana @500
    Strawberry @50

Invest in fruit tree farming you will never regret on it. Thank us later