Linda Mazingira by planting fruit trees

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Linda Mazingira: By Planting Fruit Trees

As Kenya prepares to celebrate its National Tree Planting Day on the 13th of November, the nation gears up for an opportunity to promote environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

Significance of Fruit Trees

Fruit trees stand out as a practical and multifaceted choice for reforestation efforts. While traditional trees contribute to the ecosystem by providing oxygen, combating climate change, and preventing soil erosion, fruit trees offer an additional layer of benefits.

Nutrition and Food Security

Fruit trees provide a sustainable source of nutrition. They offer a variety of fruits rich in essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to food security and enhancing local diets.

Economic Empowerment

The cultivation of fruit trees presents economic opportunities. By producing fruits that are marketable, communities can generate income, creating a sustainable livelihood.

Environmental Sustainability

Fruit trees play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. They attract wildlife, promote biodiversity, and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Community Health Benefits

Consumption of fresh fruits promotes good health and helps combat various diseases. Growing fruit trees in local communities encourages healthier living.

Unique offer

At OxfarmAg Limited, we believe that when we come together, we can make a constructive contribution to our environment. In acknowledgement of your dedication to resolving climate challenges, we are delighted to unveil a unique offer that will make our country more environmentally sustainable.

  • Get 2 free seedlings when you walk into our Nairobi nursery
  • A free delivery to your nearest town on the linda mazingira packages

This offer is valid between Fri 10th to Mon 13th Nov 2023.

Fruit Seedlings Features

Hass avocado
Fuerte avocado
Kienyeji avocado
Custard apple
Mango kienyeji


mini package @ ksh. 5000

standard package @ ksh. 10,000

cooperate package @ ksh. 20,000

Planting fruit trees offers several advantages compared to planting regular trees;

Edible Yield: Fruit trees provide a direct source of food. This can help supplement the household’s food supply or be shared with the community.

Aesthetic Value: Fruit trees often have beautiful blossoms and foliage, enhancing the visual appeal of the surroundings. 

Economic Benefits: Fruit trees can be a source of income. 

Educational Opportunities: They offer a great opportunity for educational purposes. 

Health Benefits: Having easy access to fresh fruits encourages a healthier diet.

Biodiversity: Fruit trees attract diverse wildlife, such as birds and insects, contributing to local biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Community building promotes a shared responsibility for the environment and the produce.

Cultural Significance: Certain fruit trees hold cultural and traditional significance in various communities. 

Happy fruit farmers

Am an exporter, Took up the Package of hass avocado from OxfarmAg, because one it is saving my time to organize and get things done second its being done by experts and lastly it is price friendly.
Duncan M.K
Director Logic Exporters Ltd
It was wonderful experience fredily Team Quality seedlings especially for Hass Avocados bought 50 stems attached photos (Liink) and coming back for more

Where to plant fruit trees


  • Riverbanks to prevent soil erosion and for good water quality.
  • Forests for reforestation 
  • Parks for recreational benefits such as shade, for a cooling effect while relaxing
  • Churches to symbolize spiritual growth and renewal in faith
  • Educational institutions for hands-on experience in caring for the environment
  • Cemeteries for greener, more peaceful memorial setting for those we hold dear
  • Roadside improvements to reduce noise and improve general road safety
  • Residential areas to enhance the quality of air and form a healthier living environment
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