Are you thinking to invest in macadamia  since there is a rising demand for macadamia? If yes, then you are the right place because we are here to help you. Growing  our macadamia packages are just the right opportunity for you.

We have our macadamia one acre package that goes for Ksh. 37,600/-.


What Is In The Package

Free consultancy

Free langstroth bee hive

80 certified Fruit tree macadamia seedlings.

Organic manure (earthlee) per hole

Labor (measurement and digging of planting holes, mixing and soil treatment & planting)

Market connection.

Life time free agronomy support.

How it works is so simple


This is to familiarize with the farmers' location and pick soil samples for testing to determine viability of the farm.


We do planting on farmers' behalf and give management programmes at different levels i.e. spraying programme, weeding programme, prunning programme & fertilizer programme.

Marketing of the FRUIT produce

Guaranteed connection of our farmers to the potential buyers of the fruits.

Macadamia Farming In Kenya: Huge Profit Potential And Good Returns Await You!

The macadamia industry in Kenya has grown rapidly in the last ten years. New Kenyan farmers have entered this particular agricultural sector amidst optimistic market growth, but demand for macadamia nuts is expected to exceed supply, driving prices steadily upwards over the next ten years. This potential market created opportunities for new entrants to the macadamia farming industry in Kenya.

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Amazing Results

The expected yield for macadamia annually is 70 kg - 150 kg per macadamia stem, so for the 80 stems you should expect 5,600 kg - 12,000 kg , with the current estimated price range for Kenyan macadamia each kilo goes for 150-200ksh. Per season it's estimated the total outcome should be Ksh 840,000 - Ksh 1,800,000.
With the right management, macadamia orchards can be profitable and sustainable. Producers need to carefully plan harvesting dates and irrigation requirements to maximize returns from macadamia sales.
If a farm extension services are provided, farmers can plan their crops more effectively with respect to water application for maximum growth and profit.

Green Field, Green Environment

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