Profitable macadamia investment farming in Africa.

In the video we are demonstrating how we are preparing 1000 Macadamia seedlings for export to Cameroon from Kenya, and how the Client is supposed to care for the plants upon receiving the seedlings.


All the seedlings we export have to be soilless hence upon reaching destination the client need to ensure the plants are taken care of.

First step is to ensure due to shock that may arise to the young plants, they are first nurtured in a nursery bed under shadenet for a month.

Before you order from us, first prepare potting beds and a shadenet house.

Once you order and upon receiving your parcel ensure you have a team in place to complete the transplanting and watering within the first two days. This increases the rate of seedlings survival.

Check also how we prepared Hass avocado seedlings for export to Nigeria.

The journey of ordering seedlings from us starts by getting the necessary documents such us phytosanitary certificate, import permits, and customs.

We help our clients across Africa get all the necessary documents and on time.

We have a range of fruit seedlings that we send to various Africa destinations.

Contact us for any assistance and advice, Get the prices in dollars on the cost of seedlings.

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