When it comes to investing in agribusiness its very important to have a good start from planning, budgeting, expertise required to knowing where to sell your produce after they mature.

As a company we solve most of these issues by guiding you step by step on every perspective on fruit tree farming. We do understand these are long term project hence you need experts for guidance.

Fruit tree packages at discounted prices.

We have engaged many farmers in this field on fruit tree farming. We have established thousands of projects and our main focus is to offer our clients the best of the best and bring value for their satisfaction.

The partnership we create with our clients is what differentiate us from the many.

For this rain season we hope to partner with you and ensure that project you hope to embark on start on a positive note. It might be a farm lying idle somewhere, you may be thinking of diversifying, or making a change to more long term project. Whatever the reason we are here to guide you.

Our fruit tree packages for this season include the following.

  • Free consultancy (Normally we charge 5,000 but now its free)
  • Free hive ( Available for the first 100 acres to be booked SAVE Ksh 6500)
  • Certified fruit tree seedlings.
  • Organic manure (earthlee) per holes (Equivalent to a bucket of normal manure). (Discounted at 50%)
  • Labor (measurement and digging of planting holes, mixing and soil treatment, planting) (discounted at 50%)
  • Market connection.
  • Life time free agronomy support.


Includes the discounts and each with a free bee hive per acre.

This is how we do it:

A client interested in our fruit tree package contact our regional reps, most of our clients seek first that our Agronomist visit their farms.
Our Agronomist visit for these reasons.
–> Assess whether the project will be a success.
–> For soil analysis.
–> For planning purposes
–> Advice on any matter concerning the project and any inter crop the farmer can do.

If the Client approve the project he/she might opt for partial payment or pay in full.
For partial payment, we allow any amount. We commence the project when 80% has been paid. The balance is paid on material day.

On material day/days we come with professionals who first measure the planting holes, dig them at correct spacing, mix the soil with our organic manure, and later plant the seedlings.

The client receive all the agronomy advice from our Agronomist concerning the management from weeding, pruning, pest disease control, maturity and harvesting, and most importantly marketing.

What is required from the farmer?

–> Clearing of the farm for any weeds and bushes.
–> Paying the agreed amount on time.

Additional Cost to the farmer.

–> Transport cost; Ksh 20 per Km from either Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, Eldoret town whichever is convenient.
–> Farm preparation.
–> Field visits by our agronomist.
–> Irrigation and its system.
–> Management of the farm

Payment terms:

All payment should be done to the company account provided.

Payment before commencement of the project – 80% of the package + Transport While the balance 20% to be paid on material day of planting.

Late payment there will be penalty.

Our regional reps will assist you on any inquiry you may have. Share this if you have an interested family member or a friend. Thank you in advance.

Western region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888
WhatsApp link —> https://wa.me/254706222888
Email – oxfarmkisumu@oxfarm.co.ke

Nairobi region

Engage Cliff 0769623300
WhatsApp link —> https://wa.me/254769623300
Email – oxfarmagnairobi@oxfarm.co.ke
Visit us at Ridge ways Along Kigwa road Nairobi

Nakuru region

Engage Asman 0740000044
WhatsApp link —> https://wa.me/254740000044
Email – oxfarmnakuru@oxfarm.co.ke
Visit us Near White house Nakuru

Eldoret region

Engage Dancan – 0710588060
WhatsApp Link —> https://wa.me/254710588060
Email – oxfarmeldoret@oxfarm.co.ke
Visit us near rupa mall on the highway opp total petrol station Eldoret.

Mt Kenya region

Engage Stephen 0742194880
WhatsApp link —> https://wa.me/254742194880
Email – oxfarmmtkenya@oxfarm.co.ke
Visit us Nyeri Tetu Githakwa

Eastern and Coast region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888
WhatsApp link —> https://wa.me/254706222888
Email- info@oxfarm.co.ke

Fruit tree farming it’s not only for profits but also for food, ecosystem and beauty.

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