OxfarmAg Ltd

Our company payment terms :

Updated on 27th July 2019

Payment during ordering of the any package –

  • 80% of total project cost before the commencement of the project and 20% after planting.

 Payment during ordering of the products and services –

  • 80% of total cost of the seedlings when ordering and 20% when picking at the demo farms or delivery. Failure on this an additional 10% will be imposed on the balance after every 10 days of late payment. 

Transport cost is not inclusive.

Payment Methods

We accept payment through Cheque, Mpesa, or direct bank transfer as you will see fit or as advices by our representative official communication.


We don’t provide credit facilities unless with special case.

Debt collection policies

If a customer doesn’t pay our debt, these are some of the activities we follow:

  • Phoning or emailing customers to request payment
  • Sending a letter of demand
  • Using debt collection services