How OxfarmAg Farmers Earn Millions Of Shillings From Their Pixie Orange Farming!! 

How profitable is pixie orange farming? 

Introducing you to one of lucrative ventures in fruit farming. Pixie orange farming

A kilo of these fruits retails for as high as 150/-  making them look like fruits for the rich. This is already a wide market that keeps looking for more of these tasty fruits and remember I have not talked about the export market. 

The export market is desperately hunting for these fruits and offering prices as high as ksh 200 at the farm gate.

Did you know that a Grafted pixie oranges matures after 2 to 3 years depending on how well they are taken care of. At first, each tree will give a few fruits; about 30 to 50 fruits. 
This production increases every year as the branches grow wider. The good yield is attained from the 5th year in which a pixie tree can produce 300 fruits. 
Pixie orange farming is very profitable with an acre giving a turnover of Ksh1.2 million per year on maturity. These fruits are sold at an average price of Ksh 80 per kilo at the farm gate. 
A well tended tree will give 60 kilos of fruits in a year and an acre can accommodate 250 such trees. 
Once established, the farm will be generating income for you every year for the next more than 30 years.
We have a pixie orange planting package with an aim of assisting you get started professionally. 
Our inhouse agronomists ensure you maximise your investment.

The pixie orange planting package
Discounted from
KSH 119,000 to Ksh.80,000/-
Per Acre

You can also start small and get our ready to plant quality grafted pixie orange seedlings at Ksh 250/- each.

Discount available if you buy more than 20 seedlings. Delivery available country wide.

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Package Journey Procedure

1. Farm Pre-visit
2. Soil Test
3. Soil analysis & Farm Preparation recommendations
4. Package planting
5. Free Beehive incentive
6. Farm Management Recommendation
7. Marketing of the Produce
All inclusive

What are the package elements?

Why engage us?

How much do you save when you enroll in our package

What customer have to say about our pixie planting package

It was 2020 when i saw online about pixie farming promotion. i admit the Oxfarm team potrays a high level of customer service I have experienced in the farming industry. Information provided was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. and the project done was excellent. I recommend farmers to get guidance from their agronomist.
Mercy Wayua
Am an agricutural officer and i get agronomical and technical support from the oxfarm team, from establishing my orchards, grafting, prunning my mature pixie plants and other advice on management practices.
Mua hills and Konza
I reside in Isiolo, in the year 2019 i bought pixie orange seedlings which were of high quality which portrayed a 97% survival rate ,faster growth rate ,the seedlings were hardy and able to withstand harsh climatic conditions and currently am harvesting.
Adhan Haji
Business man

Number of Pixie Orange Acres Subscribed

By August 2022

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What is required from the farmer?

  • Clearing of the farm for any weeds and bushes.
  • Paying the agreed amount on time.

Additional Cost

  • Transport cost; Ksh 20 per Km from Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret or Nyeri town whichever is convenient.
  • Farm preparation.
  • Payment is 80% of the package during booking + Transport While the balance 20% to be paid on material day of planting

Other additional cost to consider

  • Field visits and consultation from agronomist.
  • Irrigation and its system.
  • Management of the farm

Pixie Orange Farming Soars Beyond Imagination In Kenya

Interested in an astonishing pixie orange market opportunity?

Pixie Oranges in Eastern Kenya, South-Rift Kenya, Coastal Kenya and Northern Kenya are extremely lucrative because farmers from these regions are starting to capitalize on them. The demand for fresh produce has never been greater.


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