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Did you know that pepino melons can be grown in a greenhouse? An 8m by 30m greenhouse can be planted between 300-500 seedlings.The expected output is 100% more than those grown in the open field. Pepino melons are also 100% more profitable than the normal crops grown in a greenhouse. They have a lifespan of more than 3 years in a greenhouse. They are also good for rotation in a greenhouse to reduce pest and diseases.

They require less capital to manage as they are grown organically. Put your greenhouse with a new investment this time not the normal and tiring crops like tomatoes and capsicum. Contact us on guidelines and seedlings as we take you through this investment. We offer free consultancy for those who buy seedlings from us. Contact us


  1. hi, I have a 30m by 8m greenhouse. How much will I spent on seedlings and how much do I expect for the 3 years? how much fruit do I harvest per season/year? How about pollination? Please send me an A-Z guide.

    Do you assist in getting guarantee market??


    1. oky will do so

  2. Can you direct me on the market where i can sell my pepino and i have over 5000 plants:

  3. Pepino melon. pricing for seedlings.

    some info on the growing – Sotik or Isinya

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