Grafted Tree tomato is a fast-growing tree that grows up to 2-5 meters.  The tree usually forms a single upright trunk with lateral branches. We graft our tree with ‘muthakwa’ for several reasons.

  • Resistant to Nematodes.
  • Drought resistant.
  • Fast maturing.
  • Higher life span.


fruit tree seedlings

The tree tomato prefers subtropical climate, they grow in many parts of Kenya with rainfall between 600 and 4000 millimeters and annual temperatures between 15 and 25 °C. It is intolerant to frost (below -2 °C) and drought stress. Tree tomato plants grow best in light, deep, fertile soils, however, soils must be permeable since the plants are not tolerant to water-logging. They grow well on soils with a pH of 5 to 7.5.


Land, Manure, Grafted seedlings, Irrigation system, Labour, Pest and Diseases control,

At a good spacing an acre can accommodate 1200 – 1500 plants.

  • Require a recommended spacing measuring 6ft by 6ft, then dig dip holes measuring 2ft by 2ft this helps in roots penetration and also to be able to accommodate enough manure.
  • Add a bucket of well rotten manure into per hole and mix well with top soil.
  • Plant your grafted seedlings by first ensuring you have watered your soil well or plant during rainy season. Add mulching to every stem of your plants.
  • In case of a dry season apply irrigation either drip irrigation or bucket irrigation.
  • For those that need to grow organically consult your agronomist about organic farming.
  • For conventional farming apply NPK fertilizer after two weeks of planting this will ensure faster growth and root development.
  • Protect you plant from pest and diseases from early stages by splaying at a good interval depending with the rate of infestation with pesticides and fungicides both protective and curing ones.
  • During entire growth season apply CAN fertilizer three times.
  • Splay your plants with foliar feed to ensure faster and stronger plants and also during flowering to boost more flowers and ensure they do not drop.


Tree tomato is fairly resistant to most diseases and pests. However, the tree is prone to powdery mildew, which causes the leaves to fall off. Application of copper oxychloride (allowed in organic farming) can control the disease. The main pests that attack the tree include the aphids, thrips, whiteflies and nematodes (grafted tree tomato is best in control of nematodes).


We buy all the fruits from our Farmers both for export (organically grown) and for local market and for value addition. We have never satisfied even a fraction of the local market. Our main buyers for local market are Super markets, Marigiti and Githurai in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret. We buy from all comers of our country.



Preparation of land (digging ,fallowing) to attain fine tillage 6000
Buying of seedlings from reputable dealers @100 each 120000
Digging of holes 2ft by 2ft @10 each 12000
Buying and application of manure per hole @30 per bucket 36000
Planting, mulching of seedlings 2400
Fertilizer for the entire season 12000
Chemicals for the entire season 20000
Water expenses (for irrigation) 50000
Management and miscellaneous. 50000
Total cost 300000
Expected average output 20-50kg per tree Ksh @80 for the first one year

Average 40*80*1200



3.8 million


Unit Cost and return of growing grafted tree tomato.

  • Unit cost = 300000/1200 = 250
  • Unit return = 3500000/1200= Ksh 3000

Read More: Why You Should Try Our Grafted Tree Tomato Seedlings


One of the best investment we have ever done is Farming tree tomato, it was not a smooth journey to master this type of farming, and we encountered failures like not planting the hybrid varieties, and also planting non grafted plants that survived only for one season then withered. Our success story have lead us to be featured in local TV and Radio programs also in Newspapers. We came to a conclusion that we needed to ensure the success of our farmers interested in commercial tree tomato farming. We ensure we remove barriers that hinder successful tree tomato farming like enlightening our customers on.

  • Soil testing.
  • Type of manure to use.
  • Organic Farming.
  • Why and how to use drip system in your farm.
  • How to control pest and diseases.
  • Management of the farm.
  • Field visit.
  • Management of the farms.

We do visit farms in any part of Kenya to advice farmers on what’s suitable on their farms depending on their area. Apart from tree tomato we grow other types of fruit trees like passion fruits, Hass avocado, Macadamia, Oranges, Apples etc. We also do manage the farms on behalf of our customers. We deliver seedlings and fruits in any part of the country. Contact us and be part of the community that believe money grows on trees.

Watch the following video on tree tomato farming (Kikuyu version)

The Videos have been captured at Mkulima Wa Nyeri Farm


Value added Products from tree tomato
tree tomato packaging
Fruit ready for market and value addition

Value addition where we make Jam and Juice
tree tomato grafting
Mithakwa seedlings

We create more local employment
Delivery of seedling to client



Contact us for more information

Buy seedlings from our online shop.

Grafted Tree Tomato Seedlings

For the All type of Fruit tree seedlings We at oxfarm we do propagate and sell quality certified seedlings to farmers at the best prices for each seedling as above. We also assist in establishment of orchards and for all types of fruit trees. In order to learn more visit our demo farm at ridge ways Kiambu road or in Nyeri. Contact 0706222888 To get directions Call/Text/ WhatsApp us on 0706222888


  1. Do you have agents in Zambia.

    1. No, but we don’t have planning to do so in near future. Contact or what’sapp 0723662773 to get more info.

      1. Suppose I grow fruits in Tanzania would you cometo buy them?

        1. yes, we will connect you with buyers from Tanzania

  2. Where can one buy these tomato trees in Zambia? If they come only from Kenya how do you deliver in Zambia? What is the price in dollars for one tree?

    1. The cost of one grafted tree tomato is one dollar. lets chat on whatsup +254723662773

  3. How about marketing the products. It is one thing to successfully grow a product and it is another thing to know where to market the harvest. Otherwise it can to be a loss.

    1. We provide the market contact us for more clarification 0723662773

  4. I am looking forward to seeing you on my farm in Matunda soon

    1. We will be grand. Thankyou

  5. Very interesting. Can I have this in Tanzania Kilimanjaro region?

    1. Yes contact us for arrangements 0723662773.

  6. How long does it take to mature?

    1. Depending on area you are they take 8-10 months.

  7. Hi, which fruit trees do well in Nyanza. I intend to start farming next year and maybe details of how long it takes to harvest assuming its the grafted ones. You could give me a quote for an acre piece of land.

    I was thinking Macadamia but more information on others that would do well in these areas is much welcome.

    Kind Regards

    1. Thankyou June we can help you when deciding contact us 0723662773.

  8. How long does the tree tomato take to mature.that is from the time you plant when do you expect first harvest?

    1. Depending on your area they take 8-10 months to start harvesting.

  9. That’s inspiring. I have two acres of tree tomato near nyahururu and have just started harvesting. Am looking for a reliable market . are you able to assist.

    1. We have the market contact us 0723662773.

    2. hey jane call me on the market issue

  10. could you visit my farm in Vota , Machakos central , Machakos county and assess whether I could venture in this

    1. Yes we do that Lucy contact 0723662773 and let make those arrangements.

  11. Kindly guide me on jow I can get planting material for this plant I am willing to partner with you I’d development.


    1. Thankyou peter will contact you.

  12. Hey.I’m interest with the tomatoe tree farming. I would like u to guide me how to start. Thanks Tanui 0780402808 that’s my no.

    1. Thankyou Tanui we will contact you.

  13. Can it do well in a hot place like homabay

    1. Yes fruit trees do even better in hot areas, what you may need is to have an irrigation system in place during dry seasons.

  14. I like tree tomato farming

    1. We like it too. Thankyou

  15. Great stuff

    1. Thankyou and Welcome

  16. Marketing of final product need a more detailed explanation

    1. Contact us to get the info you need 0723662773

  17. This is very good information on tree tomatoes farming. Can the farming be done in areas with black cotton soils if the soil is properly mixed with red soil and a lot of manure?

    1. Yes they can do well in that type of soil.

  18. Hello, I have about an acre in land that has been bare fot the past 15 yrs in Thindigua, Kiambu county. I have no experience in farming but thinking of venturir into it to make use of this land. Kindly advise if its possible to put up this type of orchards in this land.

  19. Where can i get the seeds for the same,
    Are they raised in nursary?

    1. Contact 0723662773

  20. Where are the seedlings found, which part if kenya.

    1. Our seedbed is in Nyeri and Embu but we offer delivery services country wide.

  21. Can the tree tomato grow side by side with passion fruits.. Would like to try 50 of each. I kindly advice

    1. They can not be inter cropped but you can select on area for passion and another for tree tomato.

  22. Am Anthony from kitale. Very interesting story

    1. Thankyou Anthony. Welcome


    1. With an irrigation system in place to cater for dry season the project can be successful.

  24. Wow that’s amazing want to be part of this development

    1. Much Welcome Sir.

  25. I have a farm in Kitale and would like to try tomato tree farming . do they do well in my area?

    1. We have farmers who are already doing the grafted tree tomato, with some harvesting so we have no doubt they will do well in Kitale contact 0723662773 to get more advice.

  26. I have a farm of 20 acres and I have already dug 2 water pans on it, but I still don’t know what to plant. I have tried vegetablee and tomatoes but no success. Is it possible to get the your advisory services?

    1. Yes we can give you advice on that. let us know your location 0723662773

  27. Good morning, i love farming but i come from ukambani the area that experience high drought season but with irrigation available. Can one do tree tomato farming kindly advice

    1. yes, nothing can hinder you from investing in tree tomato farming with irrigation system in place. let us know when you decide we will give you more info on the same 0723662773

  28. How do I order for the seeds.

    1. contact 0723662773

  29. Hi. Thanks for good information. Is possible to visit your farm . Your contact please

    1. contact 0723662773

  30. I would want to know more about this please send me details on my email

    1. will do so welcome

  31. Nice article. Can you ship seedlings tree to Zambia?

    1. yes we can do that lets chat on whatsup +254723662773

  32. Hi
    Can the tree tomato do well in Ramada Area, 40 km from Malindi. I have 4 acres n connected water. Contact with details n site visit plans

    1. Hi Mohamed plans for a visit are underway. thankyou

  33. I have a farm in kajiado which I’ve been planning to plant a variety of fruits. The place is very hot and dry but we’ve drilled water. How can we partner for advise, management services and marketing?

    1. Hello Mr Karanja thankyou for contacting us, we can do so and partner. will walk you through all the stages of farming. field visit, soil testing, advice, seedlings, management and marketing. contact us 0723662773

  34. Hi,
    Great work you guys are doing. Have 4 acres in Homabay and wanted to venture into this. Kindly send me an email with more info,

    1. hi Boniface thankyou for your contact. you can visit our offices in Nairobi for more information and guidance or contact 0723662773.

  35. This is good information, I am interested in this farming. Can it do well in Kibwezi where the temperatures are high but the soil is good for farming…

    1. hello Eric, thankyou, it can do well in Kimbwezi, contact us to request for a field visit 0723662773

  36. Can this thrive in Masii/Tawa area of Makueni? I have land there and I don’t know what to do coz of scarcity of water

    1. hi Beatrice it can do well at makueni you have to have a source of water. for more guidance contact 0723662773

  37. hi. just wanted to know more about the whole business. do we have to own a land to do the business or is it included in the above cost for tree tomato.

    1. yes you have to have land.

  38. WRITE SOMETHING…Thanks so much for this important information ,its so encouraging and educative in terms of agribusiness, for this I am planning to conduct you as soon a possible for either tomato tree or passion fruits through your guidance

    1. Welcome David please contact us 0723662773.

  39. I’m interested in tree tomato farming but i need some guidance first.

    1. contact us 0723662773 we will give you the guidance you are looking for.

  40. This is a excellent blog, would you be involved in doing an interview about just how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

  41. hi am Jairus,
    Can the tree tomatoes do well in Makuyu area?
    +254 722 12 11 82

  42. Hi. is it possible for you to supply the graftes seedlings then deduct your cost after sale?

  43. I live Tanzania could I join in this market?
    +255 754 772 360

  44. Am in Nairobi and I want them at Nyandarua

    1. contact 0723662773 to order

  45. am simon you delivered some tree tomatoes for me in nyeri….and after planting the roots stared getting rotten which may be the problem and how will i manage it?contact mi 0790315061

  46. My name is Nicholas i have an acre of land at muranga local 20 along kabirwa,am interested fruit farming which am yet to decide,whether its tree tomato or passion.. Pliz advice me and again do you give credit to your customers especially on seedlings.or what kind of partnership to you engage in.thanks

  47. Congratulations. I intend to start growing tree tomatoes next year. Kindly request for your support.

    1. Hello Ednah, any time you need to start you can get our support contact 0706222888

  48. We would like to plant tree tomato with Oxfam can you train us. We need to start next rain season. But to plan ahead.
    These are groups of small scale farmers in both Bungoma and Kakamega counties.

    1. Yes we will train you, contact us on 0706222888

  49. great info thanks ,looking forward to cooperatewith you.

    1. Hello Kimani, Much welcome contact us on 0706222888 for any assistance.


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